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It Works for us 


Dr Lisa Delamine Persona Cosmetic Medicine: I tend to suffer with dry skin especially on the elbows and around my wrist area so was actually quite interested to see whether this could help with this problem. To my astonishment it actually did. After taking Collagen shots for a month I noticed that the general touch and presentation of my skin looked and felt different somehow. Myself and my colleague both noticed an improvement within that month and since then have decided to stock Collagen Shots at our Bexley and Sittingbourne Clinics. We also have our regular clients that swear by it and are always stocked up. lisa


Daniel Sandler, Celebrity make up artist: ‘Ladies if you want young beautiful skin you have to take Collagen Shots, it even works on dry patches’ Daniel-sandler


Jessica McDonald, Facialist and beauty blogger: Just got up. Decided not to bother with make up today. Love waking up from a ‪@CollagenShots sleep! x Jessica


Aniela Meyer
 The Spa Boutique in Kingston: ‘What can I say, softer skin all over my body, less lines around my eyes and the lines on my forehead have almost disappeared. Most of my friends say that I look rested and have a glow to my skin. I can feel that my skin is more supple and the lines on my neck are gone. I have had so many compliments from my clients at the salon My ladies love it and we are all seeing magnificent results.’


Mandy Jowett Concepts Beauty Huddersfield: ‘Cross my heart and hope to die, this product really works’ hellosidebar


Jeannette Jackson
 Celebrity and TV nutritionist: ‘My skin feels wonderfuly soft and I find Collagen Shots a really pleasant drink, I’m so impressed that I will include them in my programs.’


What the Press have to say about Collagen Shots hellosidebar


Female First Celebrity Gossip and Lifestyle magazine: ‘The ultimate anti-ageing drink, Collagen Shots is an entirely natural new product that contains 100% pure high potency marine collagen and promises to revolutionise beauty across Britain by offering a unique anti-ageing solution from the inside out.’


Professional therapist magazine: ‘It supports Collagen synthesis and skin hydration to slow the visible signs of ageing but after the age of 25, collagen synthesis typically reduces at a rate of one and a half percent a year – which is where Collagen Shots come in.' hellosidebar


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